Bicycle Car Racks and transporting your bike  

When I look at the cycling grand tours every year, and see the buses, I always think of one thing:


Not just that though, I think of other things related to cycling too!

I always think about how many bikes there are to transport, all of the cycling accessories that go with it, the spare bike parts and the sports nutrition and food it must take to fuel a pro cycling team.
Then I look at my setup and wonder where it all went wrong!

Honestly though, I would love to have the ease of having a place to warmup and cool down after a race, and to be able to wash and just to keep everything in the one place.

Instead I am now looking at what bicycle car rack to buy, and how much room that will leave me in the car for my cycling gear, my clothing and my bike helmet.

I would love to have such a setup like a team bus, but would it ever be worth it, no matter how much money you had.
It would be great to bring your local cycling club everywhere on a bus like that.


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