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Cycling Clothing for Cyclists

Cyclists can now shop for a wide selection of cycling clothing from the top brands the cyclist can trust at competitive prices at Alimay Sports. Cycling apparel and clothing should be worn when out on a bike to regulate the body temperature as to improve cycling performance.
When purchasing cycling clothing a cyclist should look for clothing that fits secure on the body, clothing that is manufactured from breathable lightweight fabrics that helps move sweat away from the body. Remember good quality cycling clothing is a determining factor in aerodynamics performance when cycling for leisure or racing.

Alimay Sports, a leading online bicycle destination store stocks the highest quality cycle clothing and bicycle accessories for both the hobby and professional cyclist. Alimay Sports stocks a large range of cycling apparel that caters for all types of bike riders, from obsessive trail...

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Importance of Cycling Clothing to Cyclists

Cyclists face the same problem every year, how do I get out of bed and onto my bike when it’s freezing outside and it’s so warm and cozy in my bed.

There is the saying that there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad cycling clothing. So if we get the right cycling clothing then we have nothing to worry about.
Of course, having the right bike parts and cycling accessories is important too so that you don’t end up slipping and crashing your bike because of a wet and greasy road.

Of course, summer cycling clothing is just as important but seeing as we’re now starting to hit some really cold weather in the UK, it seems more important to discuss winter cycling clothing.

As soon as the temperature gets into single digits in celsius, then it’s definitely time to put on a pair of cycling overshoes, leg warmers at the least, a base layer, a cycling jersey, possibly a long sleeve cycling...

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Fantasy Cycling Tour de France

This year we ran our very first league for Velogames Fantasy Cycling during the Giro d’Italia, and we’re back again this July for the Tour de France installment of the Alimay Sports league on Velogames. It’s a way for you to show your skill and earn prizes from it, with your chance to win a pair of Bertoni Eyewear Sunglasses.

We’re big fans of Velogames Fantasy Cycling here at Alimay Sports, and so we’re back again for the Tour de France this weekend, and giving you another chance to win free cycling gear with us.

This time around, you can win a pair of Bertone AF900 Sunglasses worth over €50.

Entering the competition to win these Bertoni Eyewear Sunglasses is simple. Actually winning it requires the skill of a great team manager so you can get the points for your riders and come out on top of the Alimay Sports Velogames Fantasy League. Or it requires the luck of a team manager that...

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Cycling Gear UK


Cycling gear for the committed cyclist covers cycling shoes, jerseys, gloves, clothing, and shorts. Cycling gear and clothing needs for cyclists vary depending on the season , so wearing the right jersey, jackets, shorts and cycling shoes that match the weather conditions is important when you are cycling to ensure maximum comfort, safety, performance not to forget that feeling good buzz when you’re out in the saddle. No matter what category of cyclist you fit into, whether you’re a weekend mountain biker, a weekday commuter, a roadie or a leisure cruiser, the availability of a wide range of reflective, waterproof and great-looking cycle clothing gear is really important. Online bike parts and accessories retailers such as Alimay Sports work hard to bring you the best bike clothing brands, great value products and broad ranges of colours and size options to ensure there is a...

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Online Bicycle Parts Supplier


Alimay Sports is an online bicycle parts supplier who ships directly to cyclists throughout the UK and Ireland every day. Today, bicycle parts and most cycling accessories are now being purchased via the internet as this offers convenience and cost saving to a cyclist over the traditional bike shop although these still have a role to play in bicycle retailing. The growth of cycling as a sport and as a hobby has led to a greater demand in the range of bicycle parts available to a cyclist. The broader range of bicycle related products has meant that the purchase of cycle accessories online continues to grow with specific interest on cycling as a leisure and health pursuit. Due to the renewed interest in cycling bicycle parts suppliers have moved online offering discounted prices on bike parts, cycle clothing, cycling accessories, sports nutrition and bike components where the cyclist...

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Cycling Sports Accessories

Cycling accessories are increasingly purchased online due to the money saving deals offered by the online bicycle stores. As cycling grows in popularity and the demographics of cyclists taking up cycling as a hobby or as a sport, we are seeing the purchase of cycle accessories online continuing to grow with specific interest on cycling for leisure, travel and health.


Recent market research shows the cycling community increasingly prefer to purchase their bike parts and bicycle accessories via the web. This growth in cycling has seen the expansion of online bicycle stores across the web who offer discounted, pricing on cycle parts, bicycle clothing, cycling accessories, sports nutrition and bike components from all the major brands, where the cyclist can now save up to 60% against high street shops

Shopping online means more than just bike parts and cycling accessories, a cyclist can...

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Online Bicycle Parts Store

How the Internet is helping bicycle parts retailers sell online.

With the increasing popularity of cycling as sport, hobby and commute, the demand for bike parts and cycling accessories has expanded online. Instead of the traditional local bicycle shop, cyclists are shopping on their favourite online bicycle store for great savings and deals on ranges of bike parts, bike components, cycling clothing, cycling accessories, sports nutrition and even whole complete bikes.

Cyclists can avail of 60% discounts on online retailers compared to high street stores. With the convenience of buying from online bicycle retailers that deliver right to their door with a few clicks, cyclists are embracing their love of cycling online. Cyclists can use the Internet to help them pursue bicycling and cultivate their hobby with specific online bike retailers.

Alimay Sports is one of those online bike part...

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Bicycle Accessories Online

The purchase of cycling accessories online is growing due to the popularity of cycling for leisure, travel and health. The cycling community increasingly prefer to purchase their bike parts and bicycle accessories via the web. The growth in cycling has seen the expansion of online bicycle stores in the UK, who offer discounted, pricing on cycle parts, bicycle clothing, sports nutrition and bike components from all the major brands, where the cyclist can now save up to 60% against high street shops

Customers are now discovering that purchasing cycling accessories online saves money, so whether you’re traveling to a race far away and want to keep your frame protected from scratches or going to that all important training camp in Mallorca you’re going to want to protect your cycling pride and joy. Protect your bicycle with cycling accessories like bike pods, hard case bike boxes or buy a...

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Bicycle Components


Every serious cyclist fanatic needs bike components whether it is a bicycle part to replace a worn out part, or upgrade to a better level of cycling performance. Cyclists set high standards; they demand better bike products that are engineered to make cycling faster, more efficient and more comfortable.
Alimay Sports specialize in retailing quality branded bicycles and bicycle components of a very standard. Bicycle accessories and products used in the pro ranks available to every cyclist so any cycling enthusiast can enjoy the very best of bicycle equipment.

At Alimay Sports, our mission is clear: Provide customer with the biggest selection of quality bike parts at discount prices with brands and choices that fits their needs of every cyclist. Our online bicycle retail store also features tons of top deals, offers and promotions.
Whatever you’re after, we stock it: from the ground up...

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Bicycle Components from Alimay Sports

Bike Components are the butter to your sandwich, the chamois to your cycling shorts and the razor to your leg hair. What we’re saying is that a bicycle without components is a bicycle without a soul. So for that reason,this should be a pretty useful bike products page for you and something that at some stage you will want to browse to either upgrade your bike or make some cycling repairs. Our bike components section is filled with products from brands such as SRAM, Clarks, Avid, Truvativ, Look, Rock Shox, Zipp, and Quarq.

There a lot of bike parts in this section and one of the main reasons we have a detailed filter function to the left is so you can narrow down the cycling parts you need specifically for your bicycle. The bike components section has everything you need for your drivetrain, and because we’re big SRAM fans, we tend to have almost all of the SRAM brand catalogue right...

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