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As an online cycling store, Alimay Sports will offer free delivery in the UK to any cyclist that wants to buy bike parts online.

That introduction sounds like a simple premise, but we put a lot of effort into supplying bicycle parts as a UK Bicycle Store and in Ireland. Almost every product that is related to cycling is now available online, especially bicycle parts.

The reason we feel that online bicycle shops have become so popular is the discount prices on cycling accessories and the quick delivery available for free, for cyclists in the UK.

Since these are the things that make online bicycle shops popular, it is something that we are working hard on everyday for cyclists all over the UK.

Our delivery times are currently on a 2 day cycle, which means that we are giving cyclists free shipping and delivery within 2 days on all bicycle parts. This is somewhat of a humble brag, but it is part of what we are discussing we do on our online cycling store.

If we’ve started off with this service level for cyclists in the UK, then we want to keep it that way on all of our cycling products.

This means that our approach to bicycle parts and cycling accessories is going to change as we progress. Our ultimate goal is to provide cycling essentials to cyclists in the UK, and to do so at that service level. So if it means that by focusing only on the consumable cycling products, then we are happy to see cyclists go to their local bicycle store for the bicycle parts that we don’t sell in our online bicycle store.

Alimay Sports will focus on providing cyclists with a great store that is easy to get around, has great offers every week that aren’t just discounts on clearance stock, and ships for free and fast in the UK. Just take a look at our latest offer

We believe this is a good offer for cyclists in the UK, and while in this instance it is an offer on cycling sports nutrition, we will have similar, simple offers on bicycle parts in future.

Cycling Accessories are a key category for us too, as these can be a complicated area to consider, so again we will be keeping it simple with our cycling accessories to bring the best brands at the best prices in the UK.

There has been large growth in cycling as a sport and as a hobby, and while we would love to be able to appeal to anyone who cycles, we want to be here as an online bicycle store that provides a great service to cyclists who want the best bicycle parts delivered free and quickly; along with the best brands of cycling accessories and cycling clothing that give you the best performance while cycling.


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