Cycling Training in Winter with Turbo Trainer  

If you are looking to buy any bicycle accessories right now, an indoor turbo trainer should be it.

The days have gotten much shorter, the weather is getting a lot colder and so the opportunities to go cycling have been greatly reduced.
The winter, combined with a busy day or full time job, makes it very difficult to put in enough miles of bicycle training to keep you in good shape and ready to start the next cycle racing season in a good position.

This is why Tacx Turbo Trainers are a great addition to every cyclists home. They allow you to train at any intensity, at any time, for as long as you like, regardless of the weather.
You can just put your bicycle into the turbo trainer, and start to spin away and work up the miles.

It means you can put your bike on front of the tv and cycle away while you catch up on your favourite soaps, or listen to all the music you want as you are cycling through some high intervals while preparing for the next season of bicycle training.


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