Importance of Cycling Clothing to Cyclists  

Cyclists face the same problem every year, how do I get out of bed and onto my bike when it’s freezing outside and it’s so warm and cozy in my bed.

There is the saying that there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad cycling clothing. So if we get the right cycling clothing then we have nothing to worry about.
Of course, having the right bike parts and cycling accessories is important too so that you don’t end up slipping and crashing your bike because of a wet and greasy road.

Of course, summer cycling clothing is just as important but seeing as we’re now starting to hit some really cold weather in the UK, it seems more important to discuss winter cycling clothing.

As soon as the temperature gets into single digits in celsius, then it’s definitely time to put on a pair of cycling overshoes, leg warmers at the least, a base layer, a cycling jersey, possibly a long sleeve cycling jersey and then a light jacket over that.
If you can get a cycling jacket that is breathable and waterproof then you’re onto a good thing because you are covered for all conditions and you shouldn’t get too warm while cycling.


When the weather for cycling starts to get really cold, especially hovering in and around zero, there is a big decision to be made by cyclists. Do you go out cycling while there’s a possibility of frost and ice, or do you stay in and get on your turbo trainer?

If you’re part of the cycling mindset that wants to train on the road, no matter the weather, then it’s important that before you get on your bicycle that you leave as little skin open to the cold as you cycle into some freezing winds.
This means that in addition to the cycling clothing needed for cycling in single digits, you will need to get a good pair of full finger cycling gloves, a pair of heavy cycling overshoes, a good pair of bicycle tights, and even a light hat that you can wear under your bicycle helmet without sacrificing safety.
And even though it might be the depths of winter, a pair of cycling sunglasses is important to protect your eyes from insects and dirt.

Cycling Safety is still important and we will post a blog discussing the best bicycle parts and cycling accessories for that too.


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