Turbo Trainers for Winter Cycling  

Every year, winter comes, it lasts for what seems an eternity, all of us cyclists grin and bear it, we cycle through the cold, wind, and rain - and then a less than average summer of cycling comes around and the cycle repeats.

Every summer, as we cycle through mediocre weather and suffer through every bicycle race - I think to myself, I’ll get a great winter of cycle training done and then this time next year, I won’t even feel any pain in next years bike race.

So when it comes to getting a good winter training season done on the bike, I rely heavily on my turbo trainer.
This is because it is often so busy in work, I miss the cycling groups that go out training, or else the weather is too bad for cycling outside so I resort to indoor training.

Tacx Turbo Trainer Bushido


Alimay Sports, the UK Online Bike Store for Bicycle Parts and Cycling Accessories have great Tacx Turbo Trainers, the Bushido which I use, is at a great price and allows for some really good cycle training over the winter.

I always feel that a good winter cycling season that has a lot of miles, helps me and every cyclist I talk to in preparing you for the next cycling season. It means you start the first bike race with fitness the least of your worries, and it allows you to improve your bicycle racing skills and focus on what to do to perform in the race, not what to avoid so you can survive the bike race!


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