Fantasy Cycling Tour de France  

This year we ran our very first league for Velogames Fantasy Cycling during the Giro d’Italia, and we’re back again this July for the Tour de France installment of the Alimay Sports league on Velogames. It’s a way for you to show your skill and earn prizes from it, with your chance to win a pair of Bertoni Eyewear Sunglasses.

We’re big fans of Velogames Fantasy Cycling here at Alimay Sports, and so we’re back again for the Tour de France this weekend, and giving you another chance to win free cycling gear with us.

This time around, you can win a pair of Bertone AF900 Sunglasses worth over €50.

Entering the competition to win these Bertoni Eyewear Sunglasses is simple. Actually winning it requires the skill of a great team manager so you can get the points for your riders and come out on top of the Alimay Sports Velogames Fantasy League. Or it requires the luck of a team manager that perhaps had a rider with the influence of a special inhaler. If you aren’t familiar with Velogames Fantasy Cycling, then check it out here: Fantasy Cycling. Once you’re familiar with it, read on to see how you can enter to win.

Now that you’re familiar with Velogames Fantasy Cycling, here’s what you have to do to enter:

  1. Enter your email address below*:

  2. Carefully set up and select your team on

  3. You will receive an email with the code to enter the Alimay Sports Fantasy Cycling Mini League on

  4. Hope for the best that your team comes out on top.

The deadline for entries to be submitted is 12:00 CEST (Central European Summer Time) on Saturday 5th July 2014. The prize will be a set of Bertoni Eyewear Cycling Sunglasses and the winner will be announced within 7 days of the final points allocation within the league. Please see below for full Terms and Conditions. Please see here for the Velogames Rules.

*Terms and Conditions

Only those who signup by email are eligible to win the competition prize but you may still enter the league for fun.
By entering this competition you agree to us contacting you with emails about this competition and further promotions from
Entrants must be over 18 and those under the age of 18 must have consent from a legal parent and/or guardian.
Your email address will not be passed on to any third party and will be fully protected under the Data Protection Act 1988 & 2003.
There is no alternative cash, product, or similar to the item offered as the prize for the winner of this competition.
By entering this competition you agree to the use of your name and image in future media communications relating to the event.

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