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Bicycle Parts are a big part of cycling, and so we’re creating a series of blog posts on our platforms to discuss our relationship with bicycle parts as an online cycling store.

Alimay Sports in an online cycling store that specialises in cycling accessories, cycling clothing, bicycle parts, and bicycle wheels and tyres. This means we have a large amount of cycling products to categorise, describe, and sell around the world.

So to start, we are taking things slowly, and on a somewhat smaller scale as a bicycle store. We have partnered with our cycling suppliers, taken a lot of cycling accessories and bike parts, and put everything up for sale in our online cycling store. We even have some surprises in our cycling store, with great prices. Like finding a toy in your cereal.

Over time though, we want our online cycling store, and overall cycling brand of Alimay Sports, to evolve to be a brand that provides convenience and great service to cyclists in the UK.

We already know the products that cyclists use, and we will listen to cyclists on the products that they want to see, and that will drive the bicycle parts and cycling accessories that we stock on our online cycling store.

What we can work hard on, and improve, is the service and convenience that cyclists experience in the UK. In order to be able to provide a service to cyclists, we don’t think that a huge range of bike parts is going to help. So in return for a great service and ease of use of our online cycling store, we’re going to have a tapered range of cycling products that are focused on the best products that cyclists expect to see in an online cycling store. Think of the items that any person expects to see when they go their local newsagents - then apply that to the cycling products that you expect in a cycling store.

Therefore, we won’t have many of the obscure bicycle parts, and that’s because it would mean we can’t focus on a good service, but do expect great brands of cycling accessories, cycling clothing, and bicycle parts.

This probably raises the interesting question, what is good service? That’s most likely another post, but in brief it is going to be our commitment to an online cycling store that has at least 95% of our items in stock at all time, a clean website that is easy to navigate through all of the cycling products, and fast delivery that gets it to you in less than three days.


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