How Important are Base Layers for Cyclists?  

Cyclists are always looking for the best cycling clothing. That includes cycling clothing that is on show to every other cyclist, and even the cycling clothing that other cyclists never see.

Alimay Sports as an online bike shop, understand the importance that the best cycling clothing plays in every cyclists life. This is why there is such a great selection of cycling base layers on the uk bike shops website.

Base Layers play an important role for cyclists in a number of ways. They help to control a cyclists body temperature as they cycle in both warm conditions and cold conditions.

Base Layers also help to wick away sweat and this is important in regulating a cyclists body temperature. As you cycle and sweat, the function of sweat is to cool down your skin, so if you’re cycling and the sweat is sticking to your jersey, it will stay and get cooler than you want and the damp and cold feeling both harms your concentration and your performance.
A good cycling base layer will help to wick away sweat and prevent you from getting too cool and it prevents the damp feeling.

Cyclists also benefit from the protection that a base layer provides in the case of a bike crash. If a cyclist crashes his or her bicycle, they often come down on a very hard surface and a base layer helps to give a layer of protection between the road and your skin so that road rash isn’t as big a problem for you, if you were cycling without a base layer.

If you are interested in optimising your cycling performance, then you can check out Alimay Sports for their cycling clothing and all things related to cycling.


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